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Six Nations bonus points system

Today we are here to explain how the Six Nations bonus points system works. Some of you may not know a lot about Rugby, but you’ll know and be able to teach someone else about the bonus system. This is an informational article and we hope you gain some knowledge about this great sport.

The bonus points system was introduced to Rugby in 2017. The Six Nations bonus points system awards the teams an extra point for scoring four times in a match or if they lose, they get another point, if they lose by seven or fewer points.

In the trial run of the bonus points system, every team received some bonus points. England received the most extra bonus points. They got two points for try bonuses and then received one point for a loss they suffered. The 2018 championship showed them gaining a four-point bonus. This was the first of its kind.

The bonus point structure has been used before. It has been used in national competitions and the World Cup is familiar with this system and Rugby championships have used it for many years. The Six Nations have avoided this system. They feel like any team could win all five games, yet they may lose the title game if another team won four games and lost another.

Basically, if a team secured 21 points by winning four games, then lost by fewer than seven points, they would have 20 points. Then a Grand Slam would occur, and the team would receive the Six Nations title, even though the team with the better record would not win what they truly deserved. Here’s the breakdown of points:

#Four points for a Win.
#Two Points for a Draw.
#A try bonus for scoring four or more tries in a match.
#A losing bonus point for losing by seven or less.

Three points to a team winning All Five of their matches, which is the Grand Slam.

So far it seems that the system is working out well, however as the years go by, the teams grow stronger, we may see some interesting turn of events. We think it’s a great idea to have every team rewarded at least for doing a good job, whether they win or lose. They get points for showing up, but they can’t lose too horribly.

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